Skeleton hoodies and sweatshirts

ladies skeleton hoodie zip hood adult costumeThe great thing about skeletons is they lend ladies pink skeleton hoodie adultthemselves to fashion of every kind.

You can have fun and be downright crazy in a brightly colored skeleton morphsuit or play it cool in a designer skeleton sweatshirt.

Whatever suits your style, budget and occasion.

Skeleton Hoodie (Female) in white or pink

Here we take a look at some of the most popular skeleton hoodies for adults and kids.

Girls may want to ring the changes and go pink instead of the classic white.mans skeleton hoodie sweatshirt

Guys may prefer to keep it simple with the zip hood white bones on black sweatshirt.

For a touch of personalization, you could add a skeleton mask. If your budget stretches to it, a good quality mask is always a hit. As usual, you get what you pay for, so think carefully before plumping for a cheapo.

There are some awesome skull masks around right now, so be sure to check ‘em out.

Kids Skeleton Hoodies

kids skeleton hoodie black and whiteSearch for a kid’s skeleton hoodie and you’re guaranteed to be presented with this black hooded sweatshirt with ribcage, spine, pelvis and arm bones printed in white.

It’s widely available through the regular costume suppliers and is a junior version of the adult skeleton hoodie. Which is great, if that’s what you’re looking for. But what if it’s not?

Well, we’ve left things a bit late this Halloween to do  a fullscale tracking down of alternatives, but rest assured we’ve marked in on our to do list and will be back soon with a wider selection of skeleton hoodies for kids.

More unusual skeleton hoodies for women and men

Of course the downside with popularity is that it’s harder to stand out from the crowd. So if you feel it in your bones that ornery is not for you, these beauties are sure to appeal.

Zipperhead Skeleton Hoodie Costume sweatshirt
The Zipperhead Skeleton Hoodie pushes the boundaries more boys skulls skeleton hoodietowards the scary end of the skellie spectrum. Pullover style with white graphic bones: ribcage, arm, breastbone, shoulder spine. The main attraction though is the hood itself: all in white with black through the middle zipper feature and see-through mesh eye sockets. Can’t you just feel the evil!

If one skull isn’t enough for you, how about six? The Six Pack Skulls Skeleton Hoodie takes things even further towards the gates of Hell. So if warm and cuddly skellebone attire ain’t your thing, maybe this is more your style. Your mom won’t like it, so that’s a good start.Rude brand skeleton hoodie with zip hood

If Devil Gate Drive is the wrong direction for you and you’re more into making fashion statements, then the Rude Skeleton Full Zip Hoodie may be more your scene.

skeleton hands girls hoodie MisfitsLadies, hopefully those nasty boy ideas haven’t scared you away. For the cheeky female in you, how about getting your hands on the hoody that shows a skeleton getting its hands on you? Definitely a woman’s skeleton hoodie, not a man’s. Described by the costume supplier as “the Crimson Ghost’s skeletal hands grasping the front with Misfits logo tag printed on the back”. Sure doesn’t look too crimson to us.

Fun, fashion, Halloween. It’s a laugh whichever hoodie you’re warming your body in.

BTW, although the term hoodie, also spelt hoody, only came into popular use in the 1990s, it briefly flirted with fashion in the 1930s. Yet it has its roots in the Middle Ages, when monks wore a long hood or cowl as part of their robe. So now you know.

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