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  • Budget Skeleton Suits

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    We don’t all have bottomless bank accounts, so we’ve rounded up a selection of the lowest price skeleton bodysuits we can find.

    Budget cheap baby skeleton suit costumeYou won’t get the quality or attention to detail thaBudget cheap toddlers skeleton jumpsuit costumet more expensive outfits deliver, but if you ain’t got the cash, you can’t spend it, right?

    You won’t feel like a million dollars wearing any of these low cost skeleton jumpsuits, but at least you won’t feel like you’ve paid a million dollars for something you and the kids only wear one night of the year.

    < Low cost Baby Skeleton Costume

    Low cost Toddlers Skeleton Costume >



    Budget cheap kids skeleton suit costume EVA Scary< Low cost Kids EVA Scary Skeleton CostumeBudget cheap kids skeleton suit costume




    Low cost Kids Skeleton Costume >







  • Cheapskate’s Halloween Skeleton Costume

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    Sure are some fantastic Halloween skeleton costumes around, huh? But what if your wallet is as empty as a skeleton’s stomach? It’s all very well splashing out $50 or more on a skeleton bodysuit if you’ve got plenty more cash where that came from. But some of us gotta find cheaper ways to celebrate Halloween.

    Step right up The Cheapskate’s Guide to Dressing up as a Skeleton for Halloween. Naturally, you don’t want to show up at the party without some kind of nod to the occasion. So your bare minimum el cheapo c0stumo has to be either a skull mask or a pair of skeleton gloves.

    skeleton 3D bone gloves adultSkeleton Glove And Wrist Bone Gloves AdultThese adult skeleton gloves left are at the cheap end of the spectrum but the latex 3D bone effect looks pretty effective. If your budget can stretch a few dollars further, then so can your gloves. Right. All the way up your forearm as far as your elbow, in fact. Again, the bone decal is raised to give a 3D effect.
    Skeleton Glove And Wrist Bone Gloves (Adult)

  • Skeleton bodysuits UK

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    Many of the skeleton bodysuits described on other pages on this site are also available from UK fancy dress suppliers. We review a selection of other popular skellie suits here.

    Neon skeleton bodysuits

    womans neon skeleton bodysuitmans neon skeleton bodysuitNot so long ago, you had to have white bones on a black suit. Now you can have pretty much whatever colour you fancy.

    One colour combo that’s gaining attention lately is the Neon Skeleton Bodysuit. It could hardly be more psychedelic if it tried. Sure to brighten up everyone’s Halloween.

    The Neon skeleton suit for ladies has a tutu attached to the leggings.

    The man’s neon skellie costume features a more macho pattern, trousers instead of leggings and a hooded top with a skull mask flap – a nifty way to scare away anyone you don’t want to talk to, yet lifted in a flash when the beer is near.


    Morphsuits: the 21st century skeleton bodysuit

    skeleton morphsuit bodysuit black and whiteWho’d have thought someone could reinvent the skeleton bodysuit? But that’s exactly what happened when the Skeleton Morphsuit came on the scene. The secret is the high tech fabric, a blend of polyester and spandex. That gives the suit a super sleek appearance – and an all-over smooth body shape, a bit like a wetsuit does. Another amazing thing about the fabric is you can see through it and even drink through it.

    The all-in-one suit has attached feet, head and gloves and can be worn with or without shoes, A double-ended zip runs from the base of the spine all the way up the back to the top of the head. The Morphsuit has brought the skeleton bodysuit bang up to date. It’s fun, it’s freaky and it’s cool.

    The standard black and white skeleton morphsuit is classic Halloween, but there’s a rainbow of opportunity if you feel like showing off your true colours. Black bones on white suit if you’re a contrarian. Or the kind of lurid colours usually reserved for drain clearance vans.

  • Skeleton hoodies and sweatshirts

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    ladies skeleton hoodie zip hood adult costumeThe great thing about skeletons is they lend ladies pink skeleton hoodie adultthemselves to fashion of every kind.

    You can have fun and be downright crazy in a brightly colored skeleton morphsuit or play it cool in a designer skeleton sweatshirt.

    Whatever suits your style, budget and occasion.

    Skeleton Hoodie (Female) in white or pink

    Here we take a look at some of the most popular skeleton hoodies for adults and kids.

    Girls may want to ring the changes and go pink instead of the classic white.mans skeleton hoodie sweatshirt

    Guys may prefer to keep it simple with the zip hood white bones on black sweatshirt.

    For a touch of personalization, you could add a skeleton mask. If your budget stretches to it, a good quality mask is always a hit. As usual, you get what you pay for, so think carefully before plumping for a cheapo.

    There are some awesome skull masks around right now, so be sure to check ‘em out.

    Kids Skeleton Hoodies

    kids skeleton hoodie black and whiteSearch for a kid's skeleton hoodie and you're guaranteed to be presented with this black hooded sweatshirt with ribcage, spine, pelvis and arm bones printed in white.

    It's widely available through the regular costume suppliers and is a junior version of the adult skeleton hoodie. Which is great, if that's what you're looking for. But what if it's not?

    Well, we've left things a bit late this Halloween to do  a fullscale tracking down of alternatives, but rest assured we've marked in on our to do list and will be back soon with a wider selection of skeleton hoodies for kids.

    More unusual skeleton hoodies for women and men

    Of course the downside with popularity is that it’s harder to stand out from the crowd. So if you feel it in your bones that ornery is not for you, these beauties are sure to appeal.

    Zipperhead Skeleton Hoodie Costume sweatshirt
    The Zipperhead Skeleton Hoodie pushes the boundaries more boys skulls skeleton hoodietowards the scary end of the skellie spectrum. Pullover style with white graphic bones: ribcage, arm, breastbone, shoulder spine. The main attraction though is the hood itself: all in white with black through the middle zipper feature and see-through mesh eye sockets. Can't you just feel the evil!

    If one skull isn’t enough for you, how about six? The Six Pack Skulls Skeleton Hoodie takes things even further towards the gates of Hell. So if warm and cuddly skellebone attire ain’t your thing, maybe this is more your style. Your mom won’t like it, so that’s a good start.Rude brand skeleton hoodie with zip hood

    If Devil Gate Drive is the wrong direction for you and you’re more into making fashion statements, then the Rude Skeleton Full Zip Hoodie may be more your scene.

    skeleton hands girls hoodie MisfitsLadies, hopefully those nasty boy ideas haven’t scared you away. For the cheeky female in you, how about getting your hands on the hoody that shows a skeleton getting its hands on you? Definitely a woman's skeleton hoodie, not a man's. Described by the costume supplier as “the Crimson Ghost’s skeletal hands grasping the front with Misfits logo tag printed on the back”. Sure doesn’t look too crimson to us.

    Fun, fashion, Halloween. It’s a laugh whichever hoodie you’re warming your body in.

    BTW, although the term hoodie, also spelt hoody, only came into popular use in the 1990s, it briefly flirted with fashion in the 1930s. Yet it has its roots in the Middle Ages, when monks wore a long hood or cowl as part of their robe. So now you know.

  • Skeleton bodysuits

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    Tired of dressing up for Halloween? Then don't wear a stitch! Go back to basics with a skeleton bodysuit.

    skelebones skeleton suit costume adultskeleton costume mens bodysuitYoung and young at heart will find plenty of choice from classic bones and nothing more to tattered remains and graveyard humor.

    There’s closetfuls of fun in store for adult skeleton costume seekers. All you have to do is make your choice.

    It's worth taking your time and looking a little more closely at the differences between one costume and another. Take these two: the one on the left comes with bone-patterned shoe covers, but the one on the right doesn't.

    < Adult Skeleton Skelebones Costume

    Skeleton 3D Mens Costume >

    The style of the bone design also varies a lot from costume to costume. Some suits have a 3D effect, others don't. And this 3D effect differs between skeleton bodysuits, with some simply using graphic shading and others adding stand-out sculpted bones.

    More skeleton bodysuits >
    Cheap skeleton bodysuit or more expensive skeleton body suit?

    Style aside, you’ve stacks of choice in skeleton suit land. As always, it comes down to price. The first question when buying a skellie outfit is how deep is your pocket? If your closet is as bare as a boneman’s chest, then you’ll want to focus your search on the cheaper end of the market.

    You won’t be surprised to discover that you get what you pay for. But if cash is in short supply, it’s not easy to justify splashing it around on the most expensive skeleton suit you can find, right? So, to skip the risk of your skeleton outfit dying on its feet before the night is out, you might want to go for an outfit in the middle: not too cheap, not too expensive.

    Skeleton bodysuits for adults

    Maybe the X-ray skeleton suit tickles your xray skeleton suit adultfancy. The white and blue realistic anatomical bone print creates a pretty convincing impression of what you’d look like if you stepped behind a radiographer’s screen. Never mind a beer for a warm glow: you’ll have one even before you arrive for the Halloween bash. adult skeleton bodysuit

    For something a little more risqué, you – and your many admirers – will want to get your hands on this cheeky adults only skeleton costume, that some bright spark decided to call the Skeleboner.

    Not only is this black jumpsuit printed with the hip bone, thigh bone, funny bone, pelvis, ribs and all the other immediately recognizable body bones, it comes with an added appendage that’s sure to raise… a smile. Yup, a faux phallus, accompanied by a hand held air pump. So everyone can see how much fun you’re having.

    Less controversial, though just as vital, is the skull face mask. After all, you don’t want to give your identity away to all and sundry. Finishing of the Skeleboner bodysuit is a natty pair of skelly gloves.

    The most fun you can have without your clothes on.

    Skeleton bodysuits for kids and teensteen zombie skeleton costume

    child skeleton suitThis child’s skeleton costume comes in medium and large sizes and comprises mask, jumpsuit, gloves and boot covers. It's just one of the many child skeleton bodysuits available.

    If it’s a teen skeleton suit you’re after, you might want to push the horror a little further and let those ligaments and body parts peek out from your ribcage in true zombie style.

    Or if that’s a touch too ghastly for you, how about a cool Halloween hoodie? Who said skeletons can't be sexy?

    Appendix (so to speak): If you're still scratching your skull teen skeleton hoodie sweatshirt zip hoodover which skeleton style suit suits you, you could always drop the bones and go for something whacky, like a green man bodysuit. Or think laterally and dress up like a French Emperor and tell everyone you're Napoleon Bone-aparte.

    And if you think that joke was bad, wait till you see what ribticklers are in store for you at the click of your finger bone.

  • More skeleton bodysuits

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    fright light changing color eyeballs skeleton suit costumeHey we knew there were plenty of skeleton bodysuits to choose from but we didn't realize there were quite so many. So it seemed the only thing to do was showcase a whole new selection of bone themed Halloween-wear for you browse through.

    The Fright Light Skeleton Costume includes bone print jumpsuit with loose fitting hood and printed skull face guaranteed to scare the living daylights out of your neighbor’s dog, not to mention your neighbors.3d skeleton suit adult costume Why? Because the face comes with skull-sculpted eyeglasses with eyeballs that change color. Spooky or what! The outfit also comes with bone-print skeleton gloves. Adult, also available in child size.

    The Deluxe 3D Skeleton Costume is winner. It literally adds a new dimension to the classic skeleton jumpsuit. The bone design features artistic shadow effect to give the feeling of a ribcage you could reach into.

    The skull face mask is a joy to behold if you’re the wearer, but sure to send a shiver down the spine if you’re an unsuspecting trick or treater hoping for a mere human to answer the doorbell. You’ll need your own footwear, but 3D bone design gloves are part of the package.

    black and white skeleton bodysuit morphsuit adultThe Skeleton Morphsuit brings the classic skelly jumpsuit wailing and screaming into the 21st century. Black and white it may be, but it doesn’t have to be. No, siree, these dudes come in a range of colors, from black bones on white suit to wacky orange.

    But if you’re simply looking for a modern take on that good ol’ white anatomical etchings on a black skeleton bodysuit, the black adult morphsuit serves up a treat.


    One last thought: in your Halloween Skeleton Costume, you’re certainly dressed to impress, but do you know your ass bone from your elbow bone?

  • Pink Punk Skeleton Costume Child, Teen, Tween

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    Cute Girl’s Pink Punk Skeleton Costume

    pink punk skeleton costume girlsOkay so your li’l miss has fallen in love with this cute pink punk skeleton costume, right? Or perhaps you have. Whichever it is, you’ve searched every corner or the web for an online costume supplier who can help and everywhere you look, it’s out of stock.

    Fun Halloween, huh? Relax, things aren’t so grim. We’ve  sent out our research huskies and they’ve managed to locate a one or two outlets that still had supplies of this heart-breaking girl's pink punk skeleton costume ready for immediate shipping.

    Of course, we can’t be sure they haven’t sold out since we checked, but from having spent a fair old time searching for what is fast turning out to be one of this Halloween’s most popular child’s skeleton themed outfits, these appear to be your best chances for success right now.

    IN STOCK as of Thursday 27 October. Limited stocks only:

    Pink Punk Skeleton Costume from Halloween Mall

    Pink Punk Skeleton Costume from Theme Attire

    We’re continuing to watch all our suppliers’ inventory over the coming days, so we’ll update this information as soon as we have confirmation that anyone listed below has the outfit in stock. You can double check yourself meantime by clicking the links, in case they’ve had a delivery since we last looked.

    Pink Punk Skeleton Child Costume from Buy Costumes

    Pink Punk Skeleton Childs Costume at Costume Express

    Pink Punk Skeleton Child's Costume at Hollywood Toys & Costumes

    If you can't find the costume in the right size, how about a pink skeleton T-shirt and gloves instead?

    union flag UK shoppers - We can't find the cute pink punk girls costume in stock in pink anywhere in the UK but you can get it in white here >

    Tween Pink Punk Halloween Costume with attitude

    skull and crossbones detail pink punk teen tween costumeteen tween pink punk costume skull top check skirt girlsForget cute. Forget sugar and spice. This is one bad girl's Halloween garb. The Pink Punk with Attitude.

    Taking its cue from the late punk era, this costume comprises layered wide check pattern skirt in arm warmer detail pink punk teen tween costumepink and, black feature and lace-up front, bib-style brace straps with buckles, black gathered-cuff short sleeve top with white skull and crossbones emblem and non-matching  arm warmers - as punk fashion made so popular - one in black, one in black and pink hoops.laceup skirt fron detail pink punk teen tween costume

    You'll need to add your own stockings, tights, pantyhose or socks, headgear and all-important bad girl boots. Nostril safety pins optional. Go knock 'em dead, gal!
    skirt detail teen teeen pink punk costumePink Punk Tween Teen Girl's Costume 

    If this isn't the teen pink punk costume you were looking for, check out the one below.


    union flag  UK shoppers - You can buy the Pink Punk Tween Teen Costume here >

    Alternatives to the Cute Girl’s Pink Punk Skeleton Costume

    girls punk skeleton costume purple skirtwhite punk skeleton costume girls

    Yeah, so madam may insist on pink and only pink, but what if you could talk her round? Seeing as pink is so popular, there’s a good chance there’ll be at least one other kid in the same costume. So how about a white punk skeleton costume instead? Worth a shot, don't you think?

    If she’s younger still, then this skeleton print suit with purple skirt is another option to put on the table. It's from UK fancy dress supplier, Escapade.

    True, it doesn’t have the punk attitude of the pink one, but for a younger child, is that such a bad thing?

    Of course, your little sweetheart may have made up her mind and it’s a pink punk skeleton costume or nothing, so if the outfit is sold out everywhere by the time you get to searching, you have two choices. Compromise or improvise.
    Much will depend on your daughter’s age, of course. If she’s anything like ours, once she’s got a mind of her own, you’ll have the devil’s job persuading her otherwise.

    skeleton sweetie girls costumeballerina boney skeleton costume girls pinkIf she’s a tween, then this cutesy number (right) may win her over: It's called the Skeleton Sweetie Costume. Featuring black lace overlay and tutu style skirt, topped off with mini black topper, skeleton print tights and snug fingerless skeleton gloves. Available in teen sizes 0-9.

    Girls Skeleton Costume - Skeleton Sweetie >

    < Boney Ballerina

    Still in the sugar and sweet vein, and with scope to vamp it up a bit - a punky scowl seems to go a long way - is this Boney Ballerina Skeleton Costume left. Very feminine and sure to draw admiring glances. But probably not quite what she had in mind? No worries. Where there’s a will there’s another idea.

    union flag  UK shoppers - You can buy the Skeleton Sweetie Costume here >

    Why not make your own skeleton punk outfit? A great place to start is with skeleton print tee t-shirt black childs girlsgirls pink skeleton costume t-shirt and pink skeleton glovesthis skeleton bone print T-shirt. Then add some skeleton pattern leggings or tights. And finally, beg borrow or steal some fine fabric to work as a skirt.

    If you've got the time and imagination, it could blow those other kids' identical pinkie punk costumes away!

    Another idea is to get this same skeleton print T-shirt in pink, which we've managed to locate after some detective work.

    It comes with matching pink gloves. Which means all you need to do now is rustle up a rara skirt in the style of the original at the top of the page.

    Not that tween teen pink punk skeleton costume. This one!

    teen pink punk skeleton costume-girlsIf your young lady is past the little girl stage, or thinks she is, then the pink punk skeleton costume you're after is more likely this one:

    teen pink punk girl skeleton costumeTrouble is this teen pink punk skeleton costume is also high on the wish list this Halloween. So finding a supplier with this mean and moody pink punk get-up is about as easy as making pumpkin pie one-handed.

    It can be done, but you'll need willpower and patience. Or better still, a bit of help. Which is what you'll get from Halloween Skeleton Costumes by taking the fast track and checking out the one and only supplier who still had some in store last time we looked:

    Pink Punk Teen and Tween Skeleton Costume


    Last updated: Thursday 27 October

    More pink skeleton costume ideas

    pink punk skeleton costume girlsPink Punk Skellies sure are hot this Halloween. We thought we'd tracked them all down, but then we found this pink punk skeleton costume. For some reason, it masquerades under the name of Skelehearted child costume. Guess Pink Skelepunk was already taken, not that we can find it. We also think the picture doesn't do the outfit justice. The girl's smile is too sugary to carry off the punk label. Anyway, maybe this little gem is the costume your little lady has been pestering you for.

    pink punk girls love reaper skeleton costumeThe black top has a large gray rib cage decal and a row of hearts (guess punk girls have hearts too) and long mesh sleeves. The rest comprises a glossy black pleated skirt with pink trim and matching belts with gold buckles, skull print hoodie, bone print leggings and skeleton open-tipped gloves.

    Still can’t find what she really wants in her size? Then how about this outfit? It’s not as pink as the pink punk costume, but there are pink details.

    The girl in the photo, the girl has a pink wig, which makes hood seem pinker than it is. But why not follow suit and add some pink things of your own to go with the pink-handled scythe and neck and waist tie-ups that come with this Tween Love Reaper costume?

    The costume comprises dress, hooded cape, waist tie with pouch, glovelettes, leggings and scythe.

    union flag  UK shoppers can buy the Love Reaper costume here >

    Yet another alternative to the pink punk skeleton costume

    girls skeleton dress with tutuWe've learned the hard way that you need to have stacks of options at the ready, particularly the closer it gets to party time. It's such a drag when everywhere you look for the costume she's set her heart on has sold out. Or only has it in size small when you want medium or large.

    With that in mind, we've tracked down yet another girls skeleton costume that may happen to tick the boxes if you don't have much luck with any of the others on this page.

    Once again, the centerpiece is a graphic ribcage and spinal cord in white. A red heart adds a splash of color. You might miss it at first glance, but there's a hood too.

    Girls who love to dress like girls will love to flaunt their femininity in the white trimmed tutu skirt. The skeleton print leggings give the costume a modern feel. The fingerless gloves add a touch of glam.

    Black and white girls skeleton costume with skirt

  • Sexy skeleton costumes

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    This way for a wider selection Sexy Skeleton Costumes >

    If you thought the only way to dress for Halloween was to have fun with horror, why not think a little laterally for a change and set hearts beating against ribcages with something worthy of any fashion-conscious ghoul’s wardrobe.

    more sexy skeleton costumes this wayThis season offers a wide choice of outfits suppliers like to call sexy skeleton costumes or sexy skeleton dresses. We’ve pulled out a few here, but you’ll find a more comprehensive selection at the aptly named Sexy Skeleton Costumes.

    sexy black skeleton dressSeveral standout costumes can still be found in stock but others, such as the tank-style skellie-print dress right are as rare as skeleton saliva. We're doing our best to keep you updated with which suppliers may be able to help, but it's worth having some other sexy skeleton glow in the dark costumeoptions in mind.

    One that we would put top of the list is this super slinky all-in-one left. The skeleton graphics are minimalistic yet manage to capture a fair representation of an anatomical structure that is incredibly complex. But enough of that, what matters is that you'll look really hot in this, right?


    More sexy skeleton outfits coming soon. Meantime, don't miss the selection at Sexy Skeleton Costumes







    ladies bone design elbow length glovesIf you're the kinda gal that doesn't feel dressed for the evening unless you’re baring your shoulders, but want to join in the fun, here’s how.

    What better way to add a touch of elegance to any Halloween party than a pair of bone-print elbow-length black gloves.

    If your preference is for showing as much leg as breastbone, you’ve found the perfect outfit.

    Jaws will drop and when you strut past the pumpkin pie in this black tank-style dress with rib and pelvic bone print.

    Talking of pumpkin pie, here’s a recipe that goes down a storm with ghouls of all tastes and creeds.

  • Skeleton costumes for kids

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    infant skeleton romper suitkids 3d skeleton bodysuitYour little one can’t fail to steal the show with this snazzy toddler skeleton suit. The cute black romper with ghostly white bones comes with attached with booties and open-face hood with friendly skull motif.

    Too old for a romper suit? No worries. This skeleton-print bodysuit is sure to take everyone's breath away.

    Get a feel o' those 3D bones. Ooh, doesn't it make your skin crawl with delight. And don't ya just love that creepy crooked smile. Trick or Treat time, here we come!

    This is what dressing up at Halloween is all about. girl toddler skeleton dressYour little angel will look absolutely adorable in this black dress with skeleton graphic, matching tights, fingerless gloves and skull hair bow.

    girls pink punk skeleton costumeIf she’s a bit older and wants to put on a bit of glam, she’ll put a spark of pride in Mom and Dad’s eyes in this natty pink punk skeleton costume. It’s fiendishly cool and comes with shirt, pants and gloves featuring a pink skeleton print and coordinating, tattered skirt.

    beating heart childs zombie skeleton costumeBoys will of course always be boys. So why give junior the chance to be the light and soul of the party with this light-up beating heart zombie skull costume. Black robe, gray over-robe, rope belt, shredded gray hood, skull mask. Who would dare to stand in his way?

    Kids not kids any more? Wondering what kinda costume they would like to be seen dead in? Chill dem bones, restless parent. There are plenty of outfits to suit teen tastes too. From understated hoodies and bodysuits to over-the-top zombie skeletons.

    Of course, if your teen totally refuses to dress up, then you'll need a few tricks or treats up your sleeve. So why not bone up on how to throw a Halloween party for teens. Pumpkins at the ready, now.


  • Skeleton masks

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    If you’re going to wear a mask this Halloween, make sure it’s one that’ll send shivers down the spines of all who lay eyes on you. A skeleton mask is a guaranteed showstopper. There’s something about seeing real life eyes in those eye sockets that makes hiding behind a mask so much fun.

    gold skull maskThere are loads of sinister skeletal face coverings to choose from, and which one you go for will depend on the rest of your costume.

    Maybe you’ll want to dress in style and take the minimalist approach with this gold skull mask. Very creepy. Just add a black polo shirt or slinky black dress and you’re ready to party like a demon.

    pvc skull and bones skeleton mask
    For something a little more elaborate, check out this PVC skull and bone mask. Rooting teeth and dimpled bony cheeks included. Add a cape or gown and you’re the reaper already.

    skull cap skeleton mask with moving jawboneAnother popular choice is the skull cap mask. This nifty bit of headgear comes complete with innocent looking cap.

    So approaching from the rear, your unsuspecting partygoer is in for a horrific surprise when you turn to face them. This realistic latex mask even has a moving jaw section, so you can let out a gutchurning roar – and sup those Bloody Marys when the mood takes you.

    Of course, if none of these ready-to-wear monstrosities appeals and you have time on your hands, you might like to grab yourself a few scraps of paper and tub of paste and make your own skull mask or sculpt your own rotting skull.

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